Planning your engagement session


I hope this information is helpful when planning your engagement session!

An engagement session is 1-2 hours long and usually at 2 to 3 close locations.

What NOT to wear?

  • Bright white shirts (especially matching, white shirts)
  • Patterns or colors that might “date” your pictures
  • Shirts with logos on them
  • Matching shirts
  • Ski jackets or any jacket with writing/logos (for cold-weather sessions)

What looks best?
Above all, wear what you love and are comfortable in because it will show in your pictures. However, don’t be afraid to use color. Don’t be afraid to dress up. Don’t be afraid to do an outfit change. Try to stick with the theme of your location. If you are in an urban setting, you might want to dress up a bit. In a field, a flowy sundress or jeans might look best.

Some things that I like:

  • Outfits in the same color family (light blue and dark blue, etc.) or with the same accent color
  • A little black dress
  • A dress with movement — long and flowy or has a great twirl
  • Nice jeans, paired with a dressy top
  • Layers – cardigans, blazers or jackets…
  • Neautrals and a pop of color somewhere (a mustard cardigan, red shoes, or a bright-colored scarf)
  • Plain fleece or wool jackets (for cold-weather sessions) with pops of color in a scarf, hat, or mittens

Shoes and walking
We will walk a lot during the session. If you’d like to wear dressy shoes, remember to bring another pair of flip flops or other shoes for walking. If your session is in the winter, wear warm (cute) boots.

How to make the session unique

  • Bring something you love – your dog (with treats), your truck, your bikes, your guitar
  • Choose a location that has meaning
  • Let’s do SOMETHING – biking, skiing, book shopping, drinking wine, whatever it is that you enjoy together

Where should we go?
Here is a list of places, but I’m definitely open to your ideas. Some of my favorite locations have been suggested to me, such as family farms and parks I had never heard of. I’m definitely happy to drive to two (or three) close locations. The first thing you should decide on is if you want an urban look or a nature look (or both). I personally love brick walls in alleyways, tall grass, and open fields at sunset. An engagement session is 1 to 2 hours long.

  • Riverside Park
  • Pettibone Park
  • Downtown La Crosse
  • On the Cass Street Bridge
  • La Crosse Footware warehouse on St. Andrew St, North side of La Crosse
  • The old train depot area on the other end of St. Andrew St, North side of La Crosse
  • Red Cloud Park (near La Crosse Footware warehouse) has tall grass, big trees, and the marsh trails
  • UW-L area
  • Viterbo area
  • Grandad’s bluff area
  • The Human Powered Trails or the quarry trail (wildflowers in June)
  • Myrick Park and the marsh trails
  • Norskedalen (I believe they charge a fee now)
  • Goose Island Park
  • Mormon Coulee Park (off Hwy 14, south of La Crosse – big trees, bridge, creek)
  • A fair or fest (La Crosse Interstate Fair is in July – think ferris wheel, eating cotton candy, lots of lights, etc.)
  • The fairgrounds (in West Salem or elsewhere) NOT during the fair (use the barns, etc for a backdrop)
  • A family or friend’s farm/land
  • Your house
  • Rudy’s diner for a root beer float
  • Pearl Ice Cream shop for coffee or a malt
  • A coffee shop like Jules or the Root Note
  • The Wine Guyz, the Bodega, or your favorite watering hole
  • An activity you love (biking, cross-country skiing, mini-golf, video gaming, whatever!)
  • Tremepelau, WI (Perrot Park, the hotel, train tracks/dam)
  • Winona, MN (downtown, river, overlook)
  • La Crescent Apple Blossom overlook
  • Hixon Forest or upper Hixon trails
  • An apple orchard or a pumpkin patch
  • A vineyard