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We’re back from our long weekend in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The trip home went super fast, which we are very thankful for. The whole travel part went really well, but I’m looking forward to no more travel for quite awhile.

We left very early Friday morning for a wedding, but not just any wedding. It was my first wedding photography gig and it was for my very good friend’s sister, which made it even better. I’m getting the photos off my camera right now, and I can’t wait to share a few with you. I’m sure the bride and groom would love to see some before they head off on their honeymoon, but you will all have to wait a bit. We had a great time all around especially since we got to spend quite a bit of time with our friends.

To hold you over until the wedding pictures are finished, I have pictures from a couple weekends ago of Elle and her mom, but mainly of Elle. She really, really wanted to wear her ballerina outfit – that’s what I love about lifestyle photography! She also just wanted to play and talk with me. She really was not interested in my camera. Mom left us alone for a bit and I was able to get a few posed shots. See the rest of her pictures here.

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