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Trevor, Collin, & Gertie

Saturday evening I took pictures of a co-worker’s boys and their new puppy, Gertie. I couldn’t get over how tiny she is. I don’t know if you can even tell how tiny she is in in these pictures. Gertie was the second small dog that we hung out with this weekend. The other one was actually even smaller than her; almost the size of a guinea pig! I can’t image having such a little pup running around our house. I think I would step on her. 🙂

In contrast, I can’t get over how big these boys have gotten. I remember visiting my co-worker’s house when the youngest was around 3. He was so articulate then, and is still quite the conversationalist today. However, the boys are also at an age where they like to give cheesy smiles over a real smile. I think I was able to catch a few real ones though! Check out their set on Flickr.

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