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Camera club, end of year

Sunday night was the end of year banquet for the camera club that I am in. We eat a good dinner at a nice restaurant and watch photo slideshows of all the best pictures submitted to the monthly competitions. I’ve participated off and on in the B (Beginner) group through out the year (there is an A – Advanced group too). I did pretty well. I had 7 seven photos make it to the end of year competition (out of 11 submitted).

I had photos in two categories: 4 in “B Projected” and 3 in “B People.” Two of my people photos didn’t place, and an altered version of this one received an honorable mention. This one and this one received honorable mentions in the projected category.

I was happy to find out that these two placed in the projected category!

Third place: River Marsh Reflection

First place: Here Kitty, Kitty

I was really surprised by the outcome. I thought that if I won at all it would be with the River Marsh Reflection, which received super high points during the monthly competition. My Venice kitty really surprised me. If I submit photos next year, it’s on to the A group. I think I need to start practicing! 🙂

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